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Where is my course?

This is for paid members only. Click here if you are looking for the Free Starter Nutrition Course.

Step-by-step instructions to get you going

Go to Training and log in (if you're not already logged in)

Click on 'start training' or 'continue training' under your course

You are now on the page with your modules. Scroll down to explore. Remember, this is not your course content; this is your course structure!

Scroll down to your first module.

Click on the 'start training' button to open your first module

Congratulations, you're now you're inside your course!

Scroll down to reveal the entire page with all course content

Once you've completed the above steps, you're all set. You're welcome to read on because we've prepared a little tour for you so you can see what is what.

A tour around your modules!

You might find that there is a lot, and that's true, so we'll break things down bit by bit for you.


scroll down! Your modules are comprehensive and there is a lot of material for you.

Learner's Guide

Your Learner's Guide is there to arm you with the right tools to get the most out of your learning experience with us. It includes a series of important links, how the quizzes work, and how to contact us if you need technical help or need support from a tutor at any given point.

Personal Strategy Questionnaire (Advisory courses only)

This is for your own use, as a self-assessment, you can compare against once you've completed the course for example. You won't be graded on it, but you will receive a copy via email. This only needs to be done once. The form will remain on your page until you move on (i.e. scroll down).

Presentation Viewer

You cannot type inside the presentation viewer, nor inside the additional PDF files. If you want to take notes you could write your notes down on paper (better for "kinetic memory" anyway). The only assessment you have to do is your end-of-module quiz.

Client Materials

All of our client materials have been prepared with two people in mind: YOU and YOUR CLIENT. So if you're doing an Advisory course (benchmarked at 'Level 5'), you will get all of these materials too. Ready-made templates for use with clients. Please note that not every module will have client materials - it depends.

You'll also find a PDF glossary of common terms for your course.

The end-of-module Quiz

All the way down the page, you find your end-of-module quiz. This is arguably the most important part of your course, because:

The quizzes together will form your assessment (in addition to your final exam)
Once you pass a quiz, the next module is unlocked
Quizzes require 80% or higher to pass
Quizzes are not timed
You can re-take a quiz as often as you like (at no cost)
You will only see which answers you got wrong once you pass a quiz!


Progress is recorded once you have completed the end-of-module quiz. So when you return to your first, unfinished module it'll still look like this:

The progress bar will change as soon as you've successfully passed your first quiz, and so on.

Tips & Suggestions 👇

Take your time to revise each module. It is packed full of learning! There is a lot of information you find on each page so orientate yourself first before you dive in.
Progress is recorded once you have completed the end-of-module quiz.
You have to pass your quiz with 80% before your next module will be unlocked.
You cannot type inside the presentation viewer, nor inside the extra PDF files.
There is no homework to be submitted - the end-of-module quizzes and final exam form your assessments.
If you want to print your materials, have a look here for further tips.
If you have trouble logging in, simply reset your password.


Updated on: 17/03/2023

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