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Forgot your username or password?

Passwords are automatically generated by the system.

Don't worry, if you've lost yours you can reset the password yourself.

It's very easy. This is how it works:

Go to the reset password link

* If you forgot your username, simply type your email address instead

An email will be sent to you with a new password, plus a reminder of your username. Check your spam folder(s) in case it doesn't end up in your inbox.

Click on the link at the bottom of the email to be directed to the course login!

Note: you can store your new password in your browser's memory by ticking the 'Remember Me' box, but bear in mind that each browser behaves differently and if you're using multiple devices that you have to re-program each device with your new password. Also, see some further tips below.

What if my password reset didn't work?

Rest assured, the password reset system is flawless. So if the password reset didn't work for you, for whatever reason, we've got a couple of tips that should solve any issue you're experiencing and get you back right in!

If you copy-and-paste your new password, avoid copying any spaces before or after the password. Our system (and frankly any system!) will recognise these as separate characters.

When typing your password manually, be aware that the password is case sensitive.

Some browsers override your new input with your old saved password. There is a way around that:

Clear the username field and type your username
Clear the password field and type your password (remember, it's case sensitive)
DO NOT USE THE ENTER KEY. Instead, tick the "remember me" and then click with your mouse on the login button (or tap the login button with your finger if you're using a touchscreen device). This will override the browser settings.

Further password trouble-shooting

Test your password by starting a Private Browsing (or Incognito) session with your browser. Right-click on the browser icon - there will be an option in the menu.

Clear your browser cache completely (this will mean you also lose your login data for other sites, so be careful!!). You'd follow the same instructions as we have explained here, but you'd simply tick a couple more options. You can clear your cache and cookies without any issue. Use other options at your own risk!

If nothing works...
... contact us right away and we'll help you. This solves it 10/10 times because we'll guide you more specifically.

Please be aware that it may, of course, take us a moment to get back to you. So if you're in a hurry, try the above steps first.

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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