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What is the difference between a free and premium course?

Key differences between our Starter Nutrition course and our premium (paid) courses are:

The free course is for sharing - it is our way of 'paying forward' to a global society and help others. The premium course is to teach you the ins and outs of your chosen topic and help you become an expert - to help yourself and others.
The free course is relatively short and can be done in a morning or afternoon (bite-size information), whereas our premium courses typically take a couple of months to complete.
The content complements our other trainings; even if you're studying for one of our certifications, the free course may still benefit you!
You will receive a certificate of completion with all of our courses (in your name, signed and dated). You can get an Enhanced Starter Nutrition course certificate which comes with accreditation.
All courses are on a secure, VIP platform.

The free course is, and always will be, FREE! This is knowledge we feel everyone should know, so you're welcome to share it with family and friends who can benefit too. We keep it up to date, and we hope you enjoy it!

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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